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Where We Went To
Portal, GA Cincinnati, OH Mexico City


Cincinnati, OH area


Region in which the Litt Bros. Stores operated:

litt brothers map



Litt Bros. Stores


Seymour, Indiana


Lawler's in Richmond, Indiana


Marysville, Ohio


Wilmington, Ohio


Xenia, Ohio


Litt Bros. in Hillsboro, Ohio


Hillsboro Dry Goods in Hillsboro, Ohio


New York Store on Second Street, Maysville, Kentucky


Georgetown, Kentucky


Williamstown, Kentucky


Windhorst on Main Street, Downtown Cincinnati, Ohio (specialized in large women's sizes - a novel idea at the time!)


Thirkield's in Franklin, Ohio


Jack Markell and Litt Bros. Partnership


Reliable Shoe Store on Second Street, Maysville, Kentucky (plus a shoe dept. in the Williamstown, Ky store). Jack Markell also owned The Outlet Store in Maysville - a shoe store that bought and sold overstocked items, previous years' merchandise and defective items at a discount. This was another truly innovative concept at the time!


Harry Litt's Store


Hamilton, Ohio




Jack Markell at his Reliable Shoe Store

Jack Markell and staff at the Reliable Shoe Store in Maysville, KY


Cincinnati, OH area


Birthplace of many Litwack family members and home of the Litt Bros. offices, warehouse, and The Windhorst Store.  


Cincinnati is a city in southwestern Ohio, that lies on the Ohio River and is the county seat of Hamilton County.  As of the 2000 census, Cincinnati population was 331,285.  Greater Cincinnati, which covers parts of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, has a population of 2,050,175 people and is the 18th largest in the country.



cincinnati picture 1

Cincinnati, 1928, Riverfront


cincinnati picture 2

Main Street, looking north from Fifth, 1921


cincinnati picture 3

Flood, 1937 Main and Third Streets


cincinnati picture 4

Flood, 1937


cincinnati picture 5

Government Square, looking west from Main St.


cincinnati picture 6

Fourth Street, c. 1920


cincinnati picture 7

Cincinnati Skyline, 1940's



Maysville, Kentucky


Birthplace of Bernice Markell Millman, Jerry Litwack, Betsy Litwack Shapiro, Michael Litwack and Marilyn Markell. Home of The New York Store and The Reliable Shoe Store (Reliable's Motto: "We Fit Your Feet, Because We Feature Fit"). Home of Clara Litwack Markell and Jack Markell (1929 - 1949), Izzy and Ida Litwack (1929 -1937), and Herb and Evelyn Markell (1956-1998).


Maysville is a city in Mason County, Kentucky, along the Ohio River. As of the 2004 census, the city population was 7,323.


maysville picture 1

maysville picture 1 a

The Simon Kenton Bridge opened on 11-25-1931

maysville picture 2

Second Street


maysville picture 3

Second and Market, c 1950


New York Store flooded in 1937 

1937 Flood, 2nd Street

(Jack Markell had a mark on the wall inside the Reliable Shoe Store that showed the height of the flood water


maysville picture 5


Hamilton, Ohio


Birthplace of Leba Rae Litwack In addition to being the permanent home of Harry Litt and that of Charles Litwack from 1925 to 1937, it was home to the in-laws of Sam Litwack, Isadore Litwack, and Charles Litwack; and the location of Harry Litt's store.


Hamilton is the county seat of Butler County, Ohio. The population was 60,690 at the 2000 census.


Charles Litwack Home

Home of Charles Litwack and family during the late 1920's and 1930's


hamilton picture 1hamilton picture 2


hamilton picture 3


hamilton picture 4


hamilton picture 5


hamilton picture 6


hamilton picture 7


hamilton picture 8


hamilton picture 9



Hillsboro, Ohio


Home of Sam Litwack and family during the years of 1930 - 1940, and home of 2 Litt Bros. Stores (one called "Litt Bros.", the other "Hillsboro Dry Goods").


Hillsboro has a population 6,368 and is the seat of Highland County.


hillsboro picture 1


hillsboro picture 2


hillsboro picture 3


hillsboro picture 4



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